Monday, May 21, 2012

All in the cheapness of time

This post about a 19 year old Timbuk2 bag is really heartening. Bicycling or bicycling inspired products can seem ridiculously expensive at first, but as I may have said before and can't say enough: in the 5 years or so I've been cycling, I've never regretted spending too much money, and have often regretted spending too little.

Also, I've often found that once you get used to the quality and thoughtful design of bicycling products, especially details such as fasteners, fabrics, stitching, finishing and overall "feel", you start to get impatient with cheaper products in other areas of your life.

"Buy cheap, buy twice" is one of my favourite mottoes, but it's sometimes a hard one to live by, especially when you're new to a particular product area or hobby. It's difficult to take the long view and understand that the $100 messenger bag you've just bought will last you 20 years, especially when you know there are $20 messenger bags in Target.

My custom Timbuk2 small messenger bag. I also have a medium for bulky shopping duties, and like to annoy you by taking pictures of black items on black backgrounds


  1. Oh yes! That reminds me, I need to buy a good hydration pack. Having used Siva's Northface pack, I know what a difference a well thought out product can do the whole experience! I am now ready to spend that $100+ on a good one. :)

  2. I had that experience too. Got a Nalgene and eventually just got a Camelbak. I haven't really checked out the Northface packs.

  3. Minkey, I totally agree with the philosophy! Buy it right the first time, I say! Those Timbuk2 bags are nice. I use a pannier bag with a strap but I wish it came in those awesome colors :)

  4. And Venky, hold on to your $100 till September :) Hydrapaks on their way